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There are basically three types of hospital beds available for home users.


A hand-held device positions the head and knee sections electronically while a manual crank located at the foot of the bed changes the bed height.


Semi Electric


         Full Electric

For maximum comfort, convenience, and ease of operation all functions including head and foot positioning and bed height are easily controlled by a hand-held device.


Full Electric




Hospital beds allow for positioning and safety not possible with a standard bed.





Overbed tables are useful and easy-to-use at home or as a hospital bed table. The height of each table is effortlessly adjusts for comfort while reading, writing, or eating. Most feature an attractive walnut wood-grained laminate top with a T-molded edge that's designed to resist damage. The heavy-gauge chrome-plated, tubular, welded steel construction ensures durability, and the casters ensure smooth mobility of the table in any direction.



Invacare Tilt-Top Overbed Table Overbed Tables


Bed Railing

Hospital bed rails attach securely to the frame of the bed. There are two types of rails half-length and full-length. A half-length rail is desirable if the patient is going to be getting in and out of bed by themselves. Half rails are easy to raise and lower by the patient, whereas full rails require an assistant to drop.

Full Length Rails


Half Length Rails





         Assist in turning and repositioning within the bed.

         Offer a hand-hold for getting into or out of bed.

         Provide a feeling of comfort and security.

         Reduces the risk of falling out of bed when being transported.

         Provide easy access to bed controls and personal care items.




Bed trapeze help patients with repositioning in bed and transfers from bed to chair with minimal assistance.

Free Standing

Floor Trapeze


Hospital Trapeze

Bed Trapeze Free Standing with Base and Wheels




The use of a trapeze encourages patient involvement and independence, all while assisting caregivers in their work. Bed trapeze, include hospital trapeze, bariatric trapeze, and free standing floor trapeze for hospital or homecare use.


Patient lift


Too often, manual patient transfers lead to caregiver back injuries. These patient lifts were created to make handling situations safer and affordable for everyone involved. Lightweight construction and easy disassembly allow quick transport and setup.

Hydraulic Lift




These high-quality patient lifts are comfortable, reliable and an essential tool for staff, caregivers and family members. Using the correct lift can reduce the possibility of back injury and to ensure dignity in patient handling.