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Medically necessary individually constructed complex rehab manual and power wheelchairs are designed to meet the specific and unique medical and functional needs of an individual with significant disabilities and other medical conditions. Representatives of HME of Texas evaluate and assess the individualís needs and determine appropriate recommendations.

Why have a chair custom built?

A properly fitted wheelchair is necessary for individuals who must spend more than 8 hours a day in their chairs. A chair that is precisely fitted to size, weight, and physical requirements can prevent deterioration. When fitted with an improper chair, the body will be aligned in the incorrect position. A chair that is custom fit can improve day to day living by giving more independence to the individual.



Manual Complex Rehab Chairs




Bariatric Power Complex Rehab Chair


Power Complex Rehab Chair




At Home Medical Equipment of Texas, we provide specialized complex rehabilitation equipment design services to help sustain and increase independence. We take extra care to make sure that every chair meets the clinical and lifestyle needs of the individual. Customized rehab chairs produce significant benefits to the individuals using the equipment, to health care professionals, and to organizations paying the costs of health care.




Proper seating and positioning is imperative for individuals with medical and physical disabilities. It is difficult for these individuals to adjust their seating position independently. Without contour customized seating some are not capable (lacking the muscles) of staying upright by themselves and will gradually slide down or start to lean to one side. This tends to make some uncomfortable, feel unsafe and unstable. Therefore, caregivers have to regularly reposition the individual in order for them to stay upright. †


A detailed physical evaluation is conducted to determine current and expected seating and mobility needs. Specific measurements are taken and various equipment options are evaluated.


When seating and positioning is customized to contour an individual it will:

         Ensure safety and stability

         Provide comfort by managing pressure to reduce pain

         Promote and enable increased functional skills

         Maximize cardiopulmonary and gastrointestinal functioning


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Power Tilt: ††††

         Change Position for Pressure Relief

         Facilitate Postural Control

         Fixed Kyphosis


Power Recline:†††††††††††

         Accommodate Femur to Back angle

         Repositioning for Transfer

         Improve Trunk Stability



Power Elevated Leg Rests: ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

         Decrease Edema

         Accommodate for Hamstring Tightness


Power recline should be used in conjunction with power elevated leg rests. A tilt of 45 degrees combined with recline of 120 to 150 degrees, dramatically reduces load reduction up to 40%.



We also supply critical accessories that maximize comfort and usability of the chair.

Specialty items such as:


         Padded foot boxes†††††††††††




         Arm troughs




         Head rest straps



         Adjustable head rests






         Lateral Support




Safety & Maintenace

Training and instructions are provided on the proper use and maintenance of the equipment to ensure function, comfort, and safety with adjustments made to meet the individualís unique needs.

}        Special precaution should be taken when operating a power wheelchair.

}        Always turn off device when not in use.

}        Take your time learning to operate properly before use.

}        Follow manufactures manual for suggested maintenance.