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Breathe Life

If you have low blood oxygen levels, breathing extra oxygen can help you feel better and lead to a longer, more active life.

As your home equipment provider we will work with you to make sure you have the supplies and equipment you need. Also, our trained personnel will show you how to use the equipment correctly and safely.


         Oxygen Concentrator


An oxygen concentrator is an electric machine that takes oxygen out of the air and stores it. Portable oxygen concentrators usually can also be plugged into a vehicle DC adapter, and most have the ability to run from battery power as well, either for ambulatory use or for use away from power or for airplane travel. Portable concentrators typically plug into a wall outlet like the larger, heavier stationary concentrators.


Oxygen Concentrator




         Compressed Oxygen


Oxygen is supplied in a metal cylinder under pressure. This compressed oxygen does not need electrical power to operate like an oxygen concentrator does. Small cylinders and wheeled carts are available so that you can move around while using compressed oxygen.

Most people report that with a few changes to their lifestyle, a good quality of life can be maintained. Complaints including "being tied to a machine", and "living on the end of a plastic tube", prove to be quite wrong. When compared to being in the hospital, living at home with added oxygen treatment allows control of daily life and generally improves the way people feel.



Compressed Oxygen

Oxygen Tank & Cart